Eep! MailChimp Launches $1 Million Integration Fund

Small Business Web member MailChimp has just announced a fund that will be used to help small startups integrate with the MailChimp API. The $1 million dollar fund was created to…well, Ben says it best:

“In fact, we’ve been practicing this approach for a while now without even realizing it. A small startup would approach us with some crazy powerpoint presentation or boilerplate “revenue sharing” proposal where they’d tell us about how they’re going to send us bajillions of customers in exchange for x% of the money or something. We’d say, “Um, you don’t even have any customers right now, do you?” And they’d answer, “Um, no.” Then we’d ask them if they’ve even built a product, and they’d usually answer the same way. So, partly just to avoid more paperwork and more pitches, we’d offer them a few thousand dollars to fund their integration, and tell them that if customers like it, we’d promote it more.

Just recently we figured, “Why not turn this into an official fund, and make it a process?” It sure would beat all the other cheesy, “Integrate with us, and win an iPad!” kinda promotions. Plus, it aligns perfectly with our philosophy.”

That’s a philosophy that everyone at The Small Business Web can get behind! Have an extraordinary MailChimp integration in mind? There’s a form for that.

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